Siri (no, not the voice of the iPhone) has some serious selfie skills. So I was just a bit intimidated–would I be able to improve on her already great selfies?

We started her senior portrait session at Franklin Park in Columbus, Ohio. This location turned out some nice “leaning against a tree” portraits, but her personality really came out when we moved to the Scioto Mile.
2014-09-28 Siri-026 2014-09-28 Siri-025 2014-09-28 Siri-021 2014-09-28 Siri-040 2014-09-28 Siri-029

2014 Promstuck


There’s a story behind every on of these pictures. The hair and the makeup and the costumes all have meaning, and I don’t pretend to understand them all. But I enjoy trying while I’ve got the subject in front of my lens, even if for but a minute or three. Sometimes they tell me about the character from the Homestuck comic they’re portraying. Sometimes they tell me about school, or work. Sometimes they tell me about their families who don’t understand this passion. I try to understand. I know they LOVE what they’re doing, and I know they’ve found a group of like-minded friends.

This particular event was a prom-like dance of Homestuck fans, dubbed ‘Promstuck’. They got together in costume, had some food, danced, and had a costume contest. Then went to Denny’s just like any good group of friends would do after prom. I was honored to be asked to take pics during their dance.
DSC_4616 DSC_4670
DSC_4872 masks1