Unseen Aruba

My wife and I took a trip to Aruba this winter as a kind of second honeymoon. We stayed in Savaneta, a small town about 15 minutes south of the airport. We also have a penchant to exploring whatever we want, rather than what the tour companies tell us we should see. We did many of the touristy things, but we also got off the beaten path.

Most people talk about the perfect azure-blue sea, or the stunning white-sand beaches, or the resort hotels, or the city-sized cruise ships dominating the harbor. I had read in guide books that unemployment was crazy-low (like at 1%) thanks to the constant influx of tourists. One aspect of Aruba that struck me as never talked about is their abandoned buildings. At nearly every turn, when you’re off the tourist-friendly main drag, there are abandoned buildings. In Ohio, U S of A, abandoned buildings are a bit of a rare delicacy. Sure they exist, but they’re not that easy to find. Even more stunning, is that abandoned buildings here are secured so that you have to be very determined to get inside. As you’ll see, some in Aruba are boarded up. They were all in the capital, Oranjestad. Everywhere else, the buildings were just sitting there, open, inviting a grungy portrait shoot.

So I took maybe an hour, grand-total, capturing these images. I want to make that clear–I did not go hunting for these buildings, except for one 30-minute excursion around Savaneta. Most of these we came across as we were exploring the island.

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  1. I think you may not have explored the right neighborhoods for abandoned buildings in central Ohio. A grant program helped Newark raze 40 or 50 recently and I think Columbus also has a program to demolish derelict houses that impact neighborhoods in the near east side and Franklinton for instance. Maybe not left wide open but frequently broken into.

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