Better tips for bands

OK, if you’re in a band, and you ask the crowd for tips, quick show of hands: who feels like they get enough tips? Put you hand up if you feel like your fans give you enough money.



That’s what I thought.

Spend the next two minutes listening to the first 120 seconds of this Invisibilia episode.  Go ahead. I’ll hang out here for you. I promise it’ll be worth it.

Alright, did you hear what I heard? That baristas get more tips if they put two jars out and label them with simple, opposing categories? Talk about stupid-brilliant, right? Are you done with me making statements with questions? Yeah, sorry.

So give this a try for me: get two clear jars/large beer mugs, what-have-you, and label them with something provocative. Depending on the venue and the hour of your performance, it might be “Kittens” and “Puppies” or it might be “Tits” or “Ass”. Or what about “60s” and “70s” or “Liquor” and “Beer”? I’m sure you get the idea. Then play it up during the performance. Get people invested in the answer. Walk the twin cash magnets around the room a couple of times during your gig. And, here’s where you can really separate yourself from the coffee-slinging-baristas: you can play a song that has some loose tie-in with the category that collects the most cash. Then you freaking keep it all, natch.

Oh, and don’t forget to seed those puppies with a 10- or 20-dollar bill. That’s called price anchoring, but in a donation sorta way. It lets people think “wow, someone gave $20. My fiver doesn’t feel that expensive” rather than think “Yeah, these guys are worth my spare change.”

Let me know if it works by sending me 5% of the proceeds!