My Story, video form

As a photographer I’m pretty consistently being asked if I can “do video”. My answer is usually a tepid “yes”. And that yes is usually followed up with some additional clarifications. I’m just now beginning to feel like I’ve developed some skill with photography, and everything I know about making images leads me to be incredibly intimidated at attempting to create video at the same level.

My biggest concern with video is the story telling aspect of it. Once you step out of the “look what my baby/pet/sibling did” realm of video, and actually attempt to produce something with mean, story is king. And I don’t tend to think I have stories to tell. But after a couple of recent inquiries regarding video for musicians, I decided to work on my own personal story. More specifically, my story related to alcohol. The video above is a retelling of this blog post. The narration is mostly true, while the video is all staged/reenacted/inspired by potentially real events in my past. What I mean is, this is not a documentary. No consumption of alcohol was actually done in this video. It is a story.

I didn’t make it because I needed to tell my story. I made it because I needed to practice story telling in a video form. I also had 6 bottles of beer left in the house that I was tired of keeping around for no reason. So maybe it is a ceremonial discarding of perfectly good beer. Sorry about that.

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  1. Wonderful telling. Thanks for sharing your video with the rest of the world. Powerful. I love you so much.

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