Writing is a pain in the ass now

It has gotten to be such a pain in the ass to write a blog post anymore. I’m not even sure where to put my primary content. I like taking pictures. I like writing about them, but my current “publishing” workflow has got to change. Here’s what I’m doing currently, though it seems to vary a bit post-by-post.

  1. Edit my photos in Lightroom or GIMP as needed. Export them to a web-sized image for uploading.
  2. I upload the images I’m most proud of to Flickr. If people I know on Facebook are in the images, I’ll upload to Facebook too (or sometimes instead). If its an image like the one above that I’m writing about and has no other merit, I’ll just upload it to my blog.
  3. I write about the images or the experience or whatever I’m thinking about. Most always that writing is done on my blog. Sometimes I’ll add content to the description of the Flickr images. Sometimes I’ll add content to the Facebook images.
  4. I’ll publish my blog post.
  5. Sometimes I update the description of the images on Flickr or Facebook to include a link to the blog post.
  6. I link to the blog post on Facebook .
  7. I link to the blog post on Google+.

I have a small community of contacts in each of those spaces that I’d like to maintain, but its getting to the point where a) I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing and b) it takes a minimum of 30 minutes just to publish an image and a paragraph about it. So I’ve started to procrastinate–took me three weeks to say almost nothing about the shoot with Jessi.

Why use four different venues for my content?

I use Flickr as much out of habit as anything. And I’ve got a few contacts on there whose input on my work I value. And it means my web host doesn’t get hit with traffic for the images (yeah, I know, all 10 views).

I use Facebook because the huge majority of the people I know use Facebook, and its the best way to make sure my content gets seen. But I don’t write extended content on Facebook because their terms of service used to say they can use my content any way they want, even if I deleted it. The TOS doesn’t say that now, but old habit die hard, and I feel like I want control over my content history. Also, (I believe this is still true), comments, status updates and notes on Facebook are not searchable to the world. So if you got an “smoni receive datagram” error, and had I published my experience solving the error on Facebook, you’d never find it. On the other hand, my blog post about it is number two on Google search results. I like to write to help others.

I started to use Google+ because there was a huge influx of photographers there. Seemed like a good place to go to meet and share with other ‘togs. But almost none of my IRL friends and family are there.

I use my own web host because of the degree of control that I have over my content. But not many people read the posts. And control also means I have to deal with spam and hackers.

So this is mostly a rant about the situation I’ve developed for myself. I know, first world problem. Dunno where I’m going to go from here. If you have a thought, please feel free to hit me up on any of the above channels.

One thought on “Writing is a pain in the ass now”

  1. Hi Rick,

    I had this very same conversation yesterday with someone. And again today. Maintaining a presence of so many platforms is a real struggle. Wouldn’t it be great if we all agreed on a single one?

    But, of course, they all do something slightly different and slightly better than the other.

    Our children will figure it out.


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