KB980232 and thumbnails on a network drive

We have a network drive, NSLU2 with Unslung,  with some secured SMB shares that we each have mapped for easy family access to photos, MP3, etc. A few weeks ago, my wife started to notice that there were problems viewing thumbnails on this drive. Everything else seemed to be fine, but if she was browsing a folder in a thumbnail view, only some of the thumbnails would be visible. Tonight she discovered that only the files that she had opened in some sort of viewer would then have a thumbnail visible. We used to see all the thumbnails without any difficulty, though it was sometimes slow to load them for large directories.

Today I finally figured out the problem: KB980232 has evidently fixed some vulnerabilities in their implementation of the SMB client. I uninstalled the update (rebooted) and now the thumbnails view perfectly. After reading the threat assessment, I don’t think it will be possible (or at least it is incredibly unlikely) for someone to offer us a specially formed SMB link inside our network that could have malicious code on it. So I’ve set Windows Update to hide this update so we don’t get it again.