Two Christmas Trees

My wife loves Christmas. About 5 years ago she started asking if she could have two trees. About 5 years ago I started trying to figure out where we could possibly put a second tree, and what tactics I might use to delay having to shell out money for two live trees a year.

Last year, Anne’s mom gave us a slender artificial tree, so we had fulfilled Anne’s long standing wish. We put it up in the living room, while the full live tree was in the family room. But alas, we still had ornaments left over.

This year, Anne’s mom bestowed on us another slender artificial tree, bless her. Its small enough to fit in our foyer, and looks good there. Emily noticed that it was possible to see both slender trees from one spot on our stairs thanks to a mirror we recently received from Anne’s grandmother. I set up the tripod and made several attempts, the best of which is below.

two christmas trees