On Visiting Niagara

My family recently visited Niagara falls on the Canadian side. Here are my thoughts, and “lessons learned.”

  • The 6+ hour road trip from our home town makes the trip impossible as a day trip.
  • The 6+ hour road trip from our home town makes the trip difficult as a half-day trip.
  • Cost for adults to ride the People Mover: $7.50CA. Cost for children: $4.50CA. Our total cost for one round trip: $24CA.
  • Despite the People Mover, Niagara Falls is not a place for people with disabilities. Maybe someone with an electric wheel chair could get around, but someone who has difficulty walking will not have much fun here.
  • Eating lunch at Elements on the Falls incurs a $10CA seat fee. Well, not really, but it sure felt like it.  The entrees were $17-$25 for lunch, and would have been significantly less had they been anywhere else. But, while I didn’t enjoy my food very much, I did enjoy the view. All told, our lunch for 4 adults, and 2 children with no drinks (adults had water, children’s were included) nor desert was $110CA, including tip. As a side note, it is absolutely a shame that the website for Elements doesn’t include a real picture. The view was fabulous, even from our no-thanks-we-don’t-want-to-wait-for-a-window table. There were definitely cheaper places to eat in the immediate vicinity if one were inclined to save the money rather than enjoy the view.
  • The Maid of the Mist was well worth the cost of admission: $14.50CA per adult, $8.90CA per child. The 20 minute wait seemed to fly by, but we were there on a Monday. However, practice you ability to say “No” to prepare for departing the boat.  An outside vendor insisted on taking our picture prior to boarding the boat (I didn’t argue with them, though I was tempted). At the end of the ride, you must exit through the gift shop, then be hammered by the photographers’ sales people. We emerged unscathed, fortunately because the boy had to go potty. The photograph they took was a pretty bad overlay of us on a Niagara back ground. The prints: $25CA for two 6″x10″. I much prefer my own shot.
  • We paid $20 to park in the Falls Parking lot. We were walking distance (for those easily able to walk) to Table Rock. However, you can park at the Rapids View lot for only $10, and grab a free shuttle to Table Rock.
  • We did not Journey Behind the Falls, but the people who did were clearly visible from our Maid of the Mist. I want to do that the next time we go. The price is roughly comparable to Maid of the Mist.