Stranger Photos

I love this idea: tie a camera to a public bench, with a note instructing people to take pictures. Retrieve the pictures to see what people did.

It would be a fun project at Chautauqua, especially if the sign had a URL where people could go see their and others’ photos. Chautauqua is such a trusting place, I could almost do it with a digital camera.

One thought on “Stranger Photos”

  1. With the price of digital cameras ever falling, you could easily use an el cheapo digital camera even in a major metropolitan area. The problem with digital cameras, of course, is that someone could delete someone else’s photos. With the disposable camera, you’re ensuring that no one can delete another’s photos (though someone could easily use all the shots, thereby denying anyone else the opportunity to take any pictures).

    What you really need is a solar powered WiFi relay so that the digital photos get automatically uploaded to a server somewhere…. 🙂

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