My first terabyte

Prior to Monday, my total disk space in my house was somewhere less than 500GB, spread across my desktop, Anne’s laptop, the kids’ laptop, and my NSLU2 attached drives. Recently one of the drives on the NSLU2 gave out, so I decided to upgrade. I got a pair of 500GB drives, and installed them today. I remember paying $300 (I think) for an 800MB drive in 1995, which brought my PC to 1.2 GB, which I thought was totally killer. Thirteen years later, that available space has multiplied 1000 fold.

Unlike most idiots who write reviews of external drives on Amazon, I do not trust my data to be on just one drive. My primary NSLU2 drive is backed up to the other every night. So when one failed? No worries, really. My only concern was then to be sure I had another copy of that data somewhere while I waited for my new drives to ship.

How hard was it to migrate from an 80GB drive (since the other had failed) to twin 500GB? Plug a new 500 GB into Disk 2, and format. Wait 10 minutes. Start the backup job. Wait 5 hours. Turn off NSLU2, remove 80GB drive. Plug first 500GB into disk 1 port, plug second 500GB into disk 2 port. Turn on NSLU2, format drive 2. Wait 10 minutes. Backup disk 1 to disk 2. Enable daily backup.

2 thoughts on “My first terabyte”

  1. wow thats pretty cool i wish i had that much i only have about 645 gigs total in all my computers… live ur work

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