Installing AsteriskNOW

I’ve just installed AsteriskNOW using the default settings on Innotek VirtualBox. Here are some things I’ve had to do to get it running.

  • I had to set the virtualbox to us a new Host Adapter. I don’t know how to get NAT working to allow incoming connections. I then set that Host Adapter (in the Host OS) to fixed IP address, and a class C subnet mask. When I installed AsteriskNOW, I went through the Advanced setup and configured a compatible IP address.
  • When I set my admin password for the first time, I used one of my tried and true passwords. However, I quickly realized that the Web UI doesn’t support semi-colons in the password. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get logged in. Here’s how to change the Web Admin password.
    On the System Console, ALT-F2 to get a login prompt.
    Login as admin, with the password you specified.
    cd /etc/asterisk
    sudo vi manager.conf
    Enter you password again.
    Find your password in the file. It should be on line 59, starting out with “secret”. Change that line, save and exit.
    Now you can log into the web UI.
  • I went through the web UI (http://[ipaddress of your virtual server]) and didn’t have too much trouble with the initial config. Since I don’t have any serial hardware, I couldn’t configure any. And I couldn’t see a way to configure a provider. I didn’t sweat it much and continued on accepting most of the defaults. I then created my first user on the system.
  • I was interested in configuring a provider. I wanted to see what that was like. However, every time I went to the Providers screen in the Web UI, all I got was “Loading Screen…” I fiddled with network settings, figuring that it was a problem with a lack of internet access. I messed with all kinds of stuff. Then I tried to load it using Firefox, and HOLY CRAP! IT WORKED. That’s probably the first time I’ve seen a web page work in Firefox, but not IE. (Yes, I’m sure they exist, but that’s the first I’ve ever seen).

Now I need to setup FWD

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  1. Just out of curiosity, what platform are you running virtualbox on (hardware/software)? I’ve tried and failed due to some bug, with multiple versions of virtualbox, different hardware, different versions of Ubuntu, and Debian. The VM just randomly crashes on me (

    Anyway, so since you say that you installed it in virtualbox without that issue, I’m curious about what is different between our environments.

  2. I’m running Virtualbox on a Dell Lattitue D620, with Windows XP Pro, 1GB of ram, 1.66GHz CPU.

    AsteriskNow is configured as Linux 2.6, 256MB ram, 8MB video.

    Also, I used the AsteristNow-beta6-x86.iso to perform the install.

    Hope that helps!

  3. It seems that “Linux 2.6” causes my system to hang at the sloader, but setting the OS to Linux 2.2 in VB does the trick. Increase the memory to more than 256 MB as the installer says “as you are running low on memory …”

  4. I have to wonder how that comparison would fare if it was Vista vs Linux? We bought a new HP Vista machine and converted an old WIn 2K based desktop to SUSE Linux – . After 2 months the hassles with Linux are far fewer! There are hassles with both, but the Linux hassles are well documented and Novell ($60 SUSE Linux support) actually DOES provide solutions in real English! We are preparing to convert the new machine to Linux as well.

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