File and Settings Transfer Wizard

We recently wiped and reinstalled Windows XP on Anne’s computer. There were various little annoyances, and it hasn’t been wiped since we bought it two years ago, so it sounded like a good idea.

I used, among other techniques, the File and Settings Transfer Wizard to save off her important files. I told the wizard to save the files in the root directory of an attached USB hard drive. After an hour or so of copying, it finally completed, with only one warning: Outlook was open and it was trying to grab the .pst file. I closed Outlook and told it to retry.

I booted her laptop from the Windows XP cd, put it in recovery mode, formated the hard drive, then re-installed Windows. Overall it was a relatively painless process.

After it came back up, I let Windows update download and install all the updates it could. It went through 4 reboot cycles for the updates. After the updates were finished, and AVG Free Antivirus was installed, I decided it was time to restore her files and settings.

I fired up the wizard, told it to restore from the drive where everything was stored, and it came back with “The location that you specified does not contain stored information”
File and Settings Transfer Wizard

I checked the drive. Everything appeared to be stored in a directory called USMT2.UNC. It was the appropriate size had the correct time stamps, so I knew it was right.

Since I had most everything backed up in alternate ways, I didn’t panic yet. I figured there had been an update to the Wizard, but it probably wasn’t considered critical. So I went back to Windows update and found this update:
KB896344: You cannot transfer files and settings…
The description talks about updating files from Windows XP to Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. This was not the case for me, but I decided to try it anyway.

After installing the update, it recognized my “stored information” and was able to restore the files and settings perfectly.