Amazing Library

This may seem like an odd topic in the purely digital age, but have you been to your local library recently? Or, more accurately, have you been to your local library’s web site? My library has an amazing wealth of functionality for a government funded institution.

  • On line catalog search and reservation. The best part of this is that I can reserve a book, no matter where it is in the system, and have it delivered to the library of my choice for free! Top that Amazon!
  • On line electronic resources are worth the price of admission alone. Within those resources is one of my favorite on-line databases of all time: EBSCOHost MasterFile. This database has full text magazines in HTML and PDF format, some dating back decades. And the content, depending on the magazine, is astonishingly current. Why pay for Consumer Reports On-line, when you can search their entire history of issues, and view the PDF of the issue of interest?

The best part for many people is that you don’t even have to be a resident of Columbus to get a card. (Sorry, you do have to be an Ohio resident) You may think this is silly for someone in Akron to have a Columbus library card, but if your library doesn’t give you access to EBSCO and all its databases, then you should get a Columbus card just for that reason.