Internet URL

Want to see how many people have put a website into

  1. Pull up the website of interest.
  2. Insert the following into the FRONT of the address:

Are there tools (Firefox plugins, etc?) out there to do this? I’ll have to look into this.

Of course, you could also add it to your bookmarks, then look at all the people who have also bookmarked it.

Why would I want to do this? I find some sites that I have no idea how to tag. Seeing how others have tagged it can help. Also, it might be used in a vain attempt at viral marketing–find a page that is highly tagged, similar to one you want to promote. Then tag the to-be-promoted URL with some of the same tags, hoping that others will see that site when they look at other peoples with the same tags…

Thanks Andy for the suggestion. Here is a bookmarklet to do the job: URL Just drag it to your tool bar.