Yes, this is me80 bucks an hour. That’s what you wanted to know, right? It’s pretty simple–I love photography, and I have a day job. You benefit from them both. The money you pay me helps support my gear and website and other incidental costs. My day job pays the mortgage, and puts food on the table. That’s how you get me for $80/hour, not $250.

But how much should you buy?

  • One hour, $80, covers a headshot for a single person, or a very short family photo-session.
  • 90 minutes, $120, is about right for a couple session, a family session, or an economy-length senior portrait.
  • Two hours, $160 is perfect for a band promo session, a birthday party or similar event, or a standard senior portrait.
  • Three hours, $240, is great for particularly visually-oriented musicians, or a multi-venue senior portrait session.

You can even break the hours into multiple sessions (minimum of one hour each) if you like. Buy three hours now, use one for a headshot, and two for a birthday party. I’ve got a special for a circus troupe–free, ’cause that would be wicked cool. In exchange for your purchase, you’ll get full-resolution, non-watermarked images. No gotchas. No extras. No $10 4x6s.

Weddings are a bit more because of the additional work that is required before and after your day. Depending on your needs, I can typically cover a wedding for $500-$2000. Feel free to give me a call to review your timeline and level of photographic involvement.

I like location work, and I like studio work. You’ve seen the best of my work in my Portfolio, but I’m not afraid for you to see what I post on Facebook. Browse through my FB photos, and you’ll see that the images I’ve published here aren’t just lucky shots. I do this level of work for every client. Every time.

And in case you didn’t notice the title of the web site, I live in Columbus, Ohio. Of course I’ll travel to Paris to document your family vacation, but most people I work with are near Columbus.

Phone: 614-774-7963    E-mail:

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