This is why

My favoritists people ever. They are there to support me though thick and thin and just will be crazy when we are hanging out but always support me and believe in me. I have no idea how I will live without them next year! I will love you all forever and ever.

This was my shot of a group of 8th graders at the end of their final middle school dance (pics on Facebook and Flickr. Related post from the fall dance). One of them reposted it to Instagram with the above description, providing me with the perfect example for why I shoot those dances. I do it for them. I do it to document their fun and their relationships, and to capture a nano-second of their rapidly changing lives. This was the single most important lesson that I learned the first time I shot a dance–that it isn’t about the photography. They don’t care about my light set up, or the depth of field, or the focal length. They care about the result: the people in the image. Of all the volunteers at the dance, I’m pretty sure I have the best job.

Kids waiting in line for me to take their picture.