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For those of you reading my site through an RSS reader, I’ve installed a new theme on my  blog. In keeping with the style change on my portfolio (moving from dark to light), I’ve done the same here. Why, you may be asking, the complete turn-around? There were a couple of influences.

  • Several months ago (maybe even a year-ago), my photography-man-crush, Zack Arias changed his site format. Now, truth-be-told, his was always a light color scheme, but his change, and the crisp-cleanness of the new site made me start to think about mine.
  • My musician-man-crush, Brad, made a comment on Facebook, directed at no one in particular, about hating websites that were white text on black backgrounds. That comment percolated a bit, and I started to realize that I too preferred reading text black-on-white, so why was I still using a dark theme? Using an iPhone to view websites made that preference even more pronounced.
  • Coupled with these influences, I started to notice that dark websites seemed so 2004 (being a late adopter, I started the dark theme in 2005). I’m really not a moody, dark, artsy-fartsy kinda person. Really. I’m not this guy (NSFW). So white just started to feel right.

OK, I swear, when I started writing this, I thought I had at least three more sources for the why I made the switch. Meh, they’re not coming to me now, so I’ll just leave it at this. I’d love to know your thoughts on the new layout. Thanks.

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